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Chiles Apron

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This crisp apron sports over ten kinds of chiles, including jalapeño, habanero, anaheim, ghost chile (a.k.a. bhut jolokia), poblano, scotch bonnet, and more. It's a cotton and polyester blend that is both light weight and sturdy.

These aprons are:
--- A great gift for your favorite chile-loving cook,
--- washer - dryer friendly
--- is so light weight there's no pull on your neck
--- the height can be easily changed by sliding the apron up and down the apron strings.
--- has three handy pockets for keeping your cell phone or anything else nearby while cooking.

The practical kitchen art of Sydney C' de Baca can be found in various stores around the US and the Pacific Northwest. The complete collection can only be found here online.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Treat yourself or a great friend to chile apron cheer.

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