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A Short History of the Poinsettia

Posted by Sydney C de Baca on

The delightful poinsettia that is ubiquitous during the holiday/Christmas season in the US has a fascinating history, starting from its origins in Mexico.  

Poinsettia holiday tea towel

What we know as the poinsettia, the Aztecs called Read more →

Fun Flamingo Facts

Posted by Sydney C de Baca on

Call it the Flamingo Underground:  those folks who love the outrageousness of flamingos always and everywhere.  

Flamingo flour sack tea towel

Recently I painted my own flamingo design and laughed and smiled my way through the research.  Since...

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Hearts, Hearts, Hearts

Posted by Sydney C de Baca on

Hearts:  such an archetypal, timeless, classic image. 

I have often felt a bit ambivalent about hearts, although I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the anatomical hearts and on hearts on fire on milagros and the like. 

Recently, however,...

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The Year of the Rooster: 2017

Posted by Sydney C de Baca on

Happy Chinese New Year!  This year, 2017, is a year of the rooster.

Rooster tea towel

So what is the rooster associated with in Chinese thought?  The rooster is the only bird in the Chinese zodiac and apparently the Chinese term refers to chickens in general, not specifically...

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Dungeness Crabs or Red Rock Crabs? A Story of Identification

Posted by Sydney C de Baca on

Ahh Dungeness crabs:  a Pacific Northwest delicacy.  

 Dungeness Crab Tea Towel

And only after I painted them did I realize that confusion reigns among the locals in how to identify them.  

I research all my projects in preparation for painting them, and the crabs were no...

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