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The Year of the Rooster: 2017

Posted by Sydney C de Baca on

Happy Chinese New Year!  This year, 2017, is a year of the rooster.

Rooster tea towel

So what is the rooster associated with in Chinese thought?  The rooster is the only bird in the Chinese zodiac and apparently the Chinese term refers to chickens in general, not specifically male or female.  

That being said, since real roosters are such legendary time keepers and waker-uppers, rooster folks are said to be very punctual and good at keeping track of time, and by extension are very well organized in time and space.  Rooster folks are also said to be very faithful, very hardworking, and like being the life of the party---a fun combo that I wouldn't actually have ever thought of as possible in one person.  Guess I don't know too many roosters!  This is a fun little article on the subject and this one goes into the details of being a fire rooster.  

Funnily enough, my mom and dad took a whole bunch of rooster towels to a new year's party for friends without even knowing that it's the year of the rooster!   

If you want to celebrate the year of the rooster with rooster hostess gifts or birthday gifts, feel free to click here for the tea towel, apron, mug, or print.  

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