Foodie Father's Day Gifts

For all those foodie, grilling, cooking, dicing, chopping, whipping up something incredible, chef dads out there, here are a few foodie gift ideas for Father's Day.  

1)  Any three deluxe tea towels from Chavah's Garden, plus three foodie postcards of your choice.  If your dad loves spicy hot food, the chile towel is sure to be a winner.  


2)  For the dad who likes beer and all things hand-forged, and maybe has a streak of sci-fi or fantasy appreciation, here's a dragon bottle opener:  


3)  Nuts and bolts coasters:  For the foodie and tinkerer, fixer-upper dad.  No sci-fi in this one, just the nuts and bolts, down to the basics awesomeness. 


4)  From the Crafty Morning blog, here's a great idea for giving dad some grilling and cooking tools with sense of humor. Don't forget the comma, though, between "awesome" and "dad!" 


5)  For the serious chef dad, here's an elegant set of Japanese cooking knives:



Enjoy perusing all the fun possibilities for dad! 

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