Beautiful Usefulness: Foodie or Gardener Wedding Gifts

'Tis wedding season, and of course we all need the occasional nudge in a new gift direction.   

When my husband and I got married, most people knew we were foodies and so gave us wonderful cookbooks, a Dutch oven, and table linens.  All of these things were a pure delight since we knew that our family and friends were thinking of just how very much we love food, eating, and anything associated.   While we love beauty we can admire and contemplate from a distance, we relish beauty we can get our hands on.

I love making these tea towels not only because the plant and animal portraits are so fun, but because of the delicious feel of flour sack towel material.  And it also means you can actually dry your dishes, not just push the water around like so many other towels do. 

If you know some about-to-be-wed foodies, or gardeners, choosing five gorgeous deluxe dish towels plus giving them a perpetual calendar (for birthdays and anniversaries)  and a card of two spring onions dancing is a unique gift of beautiful usefulness.  

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