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Succulents & Cactus Flour Sack Tea Towel

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Succulents and cactus adorn this crisp 100% cotton flour sack dish towel. Prickly pears, agave, euphorbia, bunny ears, and more. On your oven handle, it folds into a generous square (14 in/36 cm).

And flour sack's superpower is:
it really, truly dries your dishes
without streaks or lint.

No more just pushing the water around.
These towels are washer-dryer friendly
and so are the ultimate easy-to-care-for kitchen luxury.

Stores throughout Washington and beyond carry a selection of the towels. All designs and paper products are available only online.

For reviews of all my products, please see my Etsy reviews page.  

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Celebrate the beauty of succulents.

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