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Octopus Tea Towel, Red Watercolor Octopus

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Olivia the octopus curls around this deluxe 100% cotton flour sack dish towel. She is modeled on the Giant Pacific Octopus, who is red when awake and curious. These towels measure 30 in x 30 in (76 cm x 76 cm) and fold up into a perfect square (15 in/38 cm) on your oven handle.

These towels: 
--- are a perfect gift for any friend who loves the wildness of these creatures.
--- are washer dryer friendly (no bleach)
--- can be used as wrapping paper for two gifts in one
--- have a SUPERPOWER: 

they really, truly dry your dishes. 

They drink in water, even when they're damp.
No more just pushing the water around. 
These towels are the ultimate in easy-to-care-for kitchen luxury. 
For reviews of all my products, please see my Etsy reviews page.  

Stores throughout Washington and beyond carry a selection of the towels. All designs and paper products are available only online. They ship within one to three days of your order. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Treat your kitchen to some wild octopus love.

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