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Watercolor Ladybug Postcards, poem on back, 4 in x 6 in, silky smooth card stock, birthday gardener gift

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Three postcards, delicious silky smooth matte finish (similar to some silky smooth popular business cards), card stock, off-set print, standard size 4 in x 6 in (10.1 cm x 15.2 cm).

Poem by yours truly on the back, "A baby ladybug is called a grub, and while it looks like a thug, it still deserves a hug for eating many very bad bugs."

I wrote this poem because I realized that while many people love ladybugs, not many of us know what a baby ladybug looks like---and it's quite a surprise! They're astonishingly spiky and poky looking, but they're as noble as ladybugs in the garden, devouring aphids and other enemies.  

Shipped in a protective plastic sleeve.

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