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A Perpetual Vegetable Calendar for Birthdays and Anniversaries

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A perpetual calendar, made of partly recycled card stock paper, 5.75 in x 8.5 in (14.5 cm x 21.5 cm), delicate yet strong wire binding, with one vegetable portrait for every month.  

Good from now till forever.

A perpetual calendar, or book of days, is a calendar that isn't specific to any year and is perfect for birthdays and anniversaries that need to be remembered every year. Each open page contains the whole month so you can see all the special, recurring dates for the coming 30 days.  
Given the light weight yet sturdy nature of this calendar, plus its vegetable theme, this calendar would also be perfect for gardeners to keep track of planting and ripening times for any particular year. This is particularly useful for keeping track of nuances in planting and harvesting over a number of years, allowing a gardener to adjust his or her planting schedule to be as fruitful as possible.  

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I was inspired to make a perpetual calendar because I have one that I have used for many years. It is now an old and worn friend, but I never tire of looking at it pictures and realized I could create such a calendar with my vegetable portraits.

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