Mother's Day Gifts for Foodie and Gardening Moms

Calling all daughters and sons with foodie and gardening moms!  

Mother's Day Gifts for Your Foodie and Gardening Mom

Here's a round up of some fun gifts that you can either make (like Mom's the Bomb cake) or buy directly from artists on Etsy and other sites.  

Does your mother like lots of color in the kitchen?  A couple of tea towels and a mug might be the ticket, as shown in the photo above. 

This gift pack can be found on Etsy in Chavah's Garden shop.  You can choose which towels and which mug.  Does your mother like bright colors, like chile peppers, or more classical images like lavender?  Or something more unusual like octopuses?  (And yes, that is the correct plural of octopus.)  The world's your oyster, or your mom's at any rate. 

Maybe your mother is a consummate punster as well as quite the foodie, and this punny art print captures the spirit of the day so well. 

Be Grateful art print gift for Mother's Day

This print (which looks like chalkboard but isn't) is by Freshline studio.  I love the pun, the humor, as well as the important message and insight that sometimes gratitude even for the hard stuff does feel a bit like being run through cheese grater.  But our moms have been the first to help us know that all shall be well no matter what.

For those who like making edible gifts, here is one of the most playful, creative ideas for a Mother's Day cake I've ever seen.  Bake and build a "Mom's the Bomb" cake.

Mom's the Bomb Mother's Day cake

This brilliant idea is from Rachel and Erin at the Handmade Charlotte blog.   I especially love the common sense way they use just regular stainless steel mixing bowls for the baking:  no need to go buy special uni-tackers!  This cake is a great testament to your mom's fun resourcefulness, and oh my gosh, who can resist that awesome licorice fuse?  

Does your mother love cheese and entertaining?  Then here is a delightful combo pack of cheese markers that will come in handy for shindigs for years to come. 

Cheese markers gift for Mother's Day

These markers are handmade by PlayfulArts on Etsy, which has plentiful markers of all kinds, including garden veggie markers if that's more your mother's speed.  

Last but not least is a wonderful card that acknowledges some great woman in your life who isn't "technically your mom."  

I realize you're not technically my mom card

This funny and touching card is by Emily McDowell Studio and reminds us that there are probably many women who have helped us throughout our lives and this day can honor them too.

Have a great time finding just the right Mother's Day mix of fun and gratitude to celebrate your mom!   




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